Joanna Lipari

I’m joining the cast of 5 SECOND CHANCES at The Co-Op at Pacific Resident Theatre!

It’s been a WILD RIDE!  I got a phone call from producer, Hillary Prentice on Wednesday, April 4th, asking if I would jump into the production because a cast member had to leave suddenly.  I said, “Sure” and agreed to meet Rachel, the director at the theatre that evening.  I would only have ONE rehearsal the next night and then go on the following day, Friday April 6th!  Well, it certainly sounded like a challenge. So Hillary sent me the script.

Now I’m reading…and I like the play…but I realize I’m the THIRD LEAD in the play AND I’m supposed to have an IRISH ACCENT.  Hysterical…. And so it went…I did my rehearsal and now I’ve completed my first performance.  Come and see the show!!

Five Second Chances
Written by Mattie Brickman
Directed by Rachel Berney Needleman
Pacific Resident Theatre

“Falling in love is easy.  Being in love is Irish.”

Each year hopeful lovers flock to a small town in Ireland for its matchmaking festival.  Tom, a local, tries to avoid these “outsiders.”  But when Annie arrives from America to close her aunt’s bed and breakfast, she stirs a ghost from Tom’s past and unearths a town secret.  Filled with music and dance, mystery and blood pudding…Five Second Chances is a darkly, sparkly love story between outsiders and the insiders who haunt them.

Photo credit: Mattie Brickman

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