Joanna Lipari

Meet my new friend, Christina, a 3 month old CAMEL!

May 11th, 2018:

I’m in Hammamet, TUNISIA!  My daughter, Michie is playing some pro tennis tournaments here and I went with her and her coach because heck, when am I ever going to have a chance to be in Tunisia!

Hammamet is a resort town.  A beautiful beach and warm ocean – and CAMEL RIDES!

And gorgeous Arabian horses…

Then one morning, I went on my usual stroll on the beach, and there was a mom and dad camel (that were going to give rides) and their 3 month old baby camel named Christina.

I asked their owner if I could pet the baby.  The man said I could try but she isn’t used to people and is very shy.  So for the next 20 minutes, I stood near her, back turned, with my arm extended behind me in hopes she would sniff me.  And finally she did.  And then she LICKED my hand.  And then I turned around and we looked at each other.  Slowly, I moved closer to her and finally I touched her.  She was very unsure.  After a few minutes, I started to walk away.  That’s when she stood up and bleated for me.  I turned around and walked back.  She nuzzled me, and then made these funny sounds (her owner said it’s the camel version of laughing) and he took that amazing picture.  It was official…


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